In spite of there are several centuries ago, it is only some decades ago that this physical modification it has been becoming socially acceptable and practiced by many people. Nevertheless, there are still many prejudices and ideas missed regarding the tattoos.

The blood works like a transportador of important substances for the functioning of our body. Since the blood cannot be produced artificially, the hospitals and the patients are dependent of the availability of the dadores. The blood dadores set themselves up, so, like an element fulcral to save lives.

They can donate blood all the persons with good health, healthy habits of life, weight equal or superior to 50 kilograms and with more than 18 years A donation can be done from four in four months, in case of the women, and from three in three, in case of the men.

One of the biggest myths created around the donation of blood is connected with the tattoos and the piercings. A few years ago, news appeared that Cristiano Ronaldo was not doing any tattoo to be able to donate blood, which led many persons to believe that these marks were obstructing the donation.

But it is not quite so: have been tattoos or piercings it will be able to donate blood four months after doing them.


quem tem tatuagens pode doar sangue


It why of the quarantine period?

The measure is to avoid the transmission of diseases, like hepatitis, that could have been contracted by the donor during the realization of the proceeding, which would put in risk the health of patients who receive the contaminated blood.

He wants the tattoos, like the definite make-up or the piercings, it is proceedings that are carried out with needles, and the problem is that when it is going to give blood, the entity that gathers the blood has not the form of knowing if these proceedings were carried out in accordance with the standards of disinfection and material (for example: you prick) sterile and of the only use, in other words, exempt of any microorganism and when they were never used previously in another person.

The correct form of executing these proceedings is with sterilized needles and you were discarding, never used in more than a person, in the form to avoid to contract a transmittable disease for the blood of another person.

The term of 4 months after tattoo, definite make-up or piercings, was defined to guarantee that the donor was not exposed to any microorganism and that the future receiver of that blood also will not be exposed.


The society and the tattoos

It is an undeniable fact that the tattoos nowadays are accepted by the society of quite open form. However there are jobs that with difficulty it will get if it has a tattoo to the sight, because one of these jobs is looked, normally where it wears formal clothing and where the presentation is an important factor, the ideal is to do the tattoo in a part of the body that will be covered by the clothes.

Remember that not even they all can be so open to the idea of a tattoo, and it must not leave that that damages his professional future.


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