Probably, already it passed him over the head to do a tattoo. But, attention, be risks associated to the tattoos that it cannot forget! Exuberant or more discreet, to black or colored, the tattoos were never so in the fashion.


Because it is that the persons do tattoos?

The tattoos can be considered one of the most ancient physical and artistic expressions adopted by the man. The first tattoos will have been done in Egypt, between 4000 and 2000 B.C.

Along the time, the different cultures gave varied uses to the tattoos: there served as a charm to bring good luck; to mark in the skin the passage of the childhood to the adult age; to identify criminals; to show that someone was belonging to a group; or only to make the human body beautiful.

Today, the persons also tattoo drawings which they like to be felt prettier, to look like persons and like important moments, like wishes that they want one day to carry out, to attract the good luck or to be able to have in the skin inspiring words that accompany them every day.


Tatuagem preto e branco


What happens to the skin when a tattoo is done?

When a tattoo is done, the zone of the body to be tattooed is pricked repeatedly by a needle that injects paint for inside the skin – it is appreciated that the skin is drilled a hole between 50 and 3000 times per minute. It is this repeated action that does with that the pigments (the colors) concentrate on the skin. The bigger will be to tattoo, the bigger the number of pricks and of paint that enters in the body.

Each prick of the needle is a wound, which the body resists beginning an inflammation. That means that the body is going to send cells of the immune system for the place of the wound, and called special cells macrófagos are going to ‘eat’ the paint to try to clean the inflammation caused by her. What to be left finishes when fibroblastos, which are in the derme forever were absorbed by called cells.


As tatuagens são para sempre ou podem ser removidas?


Are the tattoos forever or can they be moved?

When a tattoo is done, the objective is that it will be for the life. Now, for more authentic and resolved than a person is. The second records to a tattoo session will always be seconds of doubts. At last, and if I will not like the result? And if in some years I will realize that this drawing does not go together with me?

Along the times, the techniques of tattooing were evolving and also there were appearing the forms of putting the tattoos out. But it if are tattooed hurts, to move a tattoo from the skin also.

There are several techniques to laser that it allow to withdraw color to the tattoos or even to move them totally, but the results are not a 100 % guaranteed: they depend on the size and colors of the tattoo, of the type of paint and of the techniques used by the tattooist and of the type from skin of the tattooed one.

Normally, several sessions are necessary to move or to reduce the color of a tattoo and, for times, the skin is left without color, but with a shadow of the drawing that there was.


Tatuagem cores

Are the tattoos dangerous?

At present, to open a tattoo studio, it is necessary to obtain licenses, to have I release of claims and other bureaucracies. But nothing is defined relatively to the exercise of the activity: from the conditions of hygiene of the installations to the measures to be adopted during the execution of the work, passing by rules of sterilization of needles and other materials of tattoo, everything is to the consideration of a professional.

The choice of the tattooist: There is a great decision. A tattoo is something serious, therefore the security, the hygiene and the realization of the tattoo needs the clever hands of a professional tattooist. Do not delude itself with low prices and facilities, at last, are his skin that will be going to suffer the consequences of a work of tattoo badly done. Never despise the hygiene.

Check previously the installations of the studio of tattoo and pay attention to the equipments and to his use.

The conditions of hygiene and the worn-out material are basic to minimize the danger. Of used needles, gloves and disposable masks (only for a client and what then go for the garbage) and the whole another disinfected material. These standards are basic in order that hepatitis avoids transmittable diseases, like the HIV, B or hepatitis C. The inks to be applied must be approved by the European Union.

And there is always the allergies risk in the inks or of infeções in the skin.

Recently, a scientific study showed that in ink it is not only in the skin, but that some microscopic particles reach the lymphatic ganglia – organs that fulfill a basic paper in the defense of the organism against virus and bacteria. This discovery produced great preoccupation, but was still not proved what the paints could provoke linfomas (a type of cancer).

To do a tattoo can be risked and advised for persons who take his systems as some reason imunitários weakened.


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