Before effectuating his first tattoo it is important to have in counts some important aspects, such as:


# do not be deceived, hurt yes!

Is it a totally bearable pain, opposite case more nobody would return to do it, right? Go for his session quite relaxed, after a good night of sleep, well fed and drink enough water before going.

Some persons have more tolerance to the pain, others less. One is afraid of not managing to hold out, choose places of the body that are not so sensitive and prefer small tattoos. Avoid places as hands, feet, neck, chest and ribs, which usually are more sensitive to the pain.


# Relaxe

Try to be as calm as possible and to relax because so it is going to grieve him less than if it is tense. If it will be necessary to scrape the zone, one does not preoccupy, this proceeding will be done in the tattoos studio before they begin.


Cuidados a ter antes de fazer uma primeira tatuagem

Choose a reliable studio to do his tattoo


# Look for a studio with good professionals

A quality tattoo is not cheap, it should nor be. If it chose a tattooist for his work, be disposed paying the amount established by him.


# Do not be in a hurry

Many persons who go to a tattoo studio appear without an already prepared idea or finish by going for impulse. This is one of the main mistakes that can produce a future regret.

Do not use the first drawing that he will see in the Google like tattoo. Investigate better, because an image was in the Google that liked, probably other persons also found it. Being so, perhaps his tattoo is not so original as well as leaning.

Good inquiry options are books and specialized magazines.


 primeira tatuagem


# Remember that it is forever

It is not rare to find persons who do his first tattoo in quite visible places like forearm, hands or neck. Remember that it treats something constant and that he can present barriers when a new job is looked, depending on the work area.

Many young persons resort to the consumption of alcoholic drinks like the form of relieving the pain of the needle, but the consumption must be avoided by countless reasons.

It will go away to do a tattoo, it does not accomplish alcohol in 24 previous hours. It is advisable not to go with the empty stomach to have no dizzinesses.


NOTICE – After doing the tattoo the adapted higienização must be careful very important with same, such as, apply the ointment cicatrizante, avoid exhibition in the sun for at least 3 weeks.


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